Managing a column for a national food magazine

Client: Saveur
Role: Editorial Assistant
Column: One Good Find
Disciplines: Digital — Editorial Calendar — Content Strategy — Editing — Search Engine Optimization — Social Media Promotion
Saveur is a leading national magazine that celebrates the culture and tradition of cooking with stories and recipes from around the world. One Good Find was a curated product column with the objective of introducing readers to products that would lead to ‘delight’.




Product Curation

Selecting the right products to feature was key. I
implemented a process around idea generation to keep a full pipeline — with semimonthly brainstorming sessions with test kitchen staff, an editorial calendar to dictate seasonality, social media calls to readers and a steady relationship with PR reps.

Content Strategy

I managed the editorial calendar for the column to be apt for seasonal trends — Lunch boxes around Back-to-school or a turkey-baster around Thanksgiving—assigning products to writers, scheduling pieces, tracking deadlines and editing submissions to maintain a smooth bi-weekly publishing schedule. I heavily leveraged Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the readership of the column.

Social Media Promotion

I also handled Saveur’s Social Media channels including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. By sharing all articles and recipes in catchy tones, using relevant hashtags, and organizing links and boards intuitively, I drove traffic to the site and increased social media engagement for the magazine.

Data and Insights

I started the practice of including lead source info into embedded links across social media to track which platform lead to maximum traffic. I also analyzed and mined reader response to the past and ongoing articles to gain insights on which product categories worked well.

Results and Learning

Working with Saveur demonstrated that all content needs to be results-driven, even for a magazine (where sometimes generating content becomes the end goal). While I managed the ‘One Good Find’ column, I increased readership (tracked by page visitors) by 23% and product click-throughs (tracked through affiliate links) by 40%. My social media promotion methods also led to a 6% rise in social media driven traffic. By demonstrating that data and insights could lead to actionable improvements, I also had an impact on how other columns were managed at Saveur.